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Ajwain Powder

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Ajwain powder is derived from the Ajwain seeds or Carom Seed, which is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. It is originated in India. The Major producers of Carom powder are India, Persia, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and North Africa.


The Ajwain powder or Carom powder is powder form of the carom seed that is a small fruit of the Bishop weed. It has a bitter and pungent taste, with a flavor similar to anise and oregano. They smell almost exactly like thyme because it also contains thymol, but are more aromatic and less subtle in taste, as well as slightly bitter and pungent.


Ajwain powder can be stored in an airtight container away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Then, they will retain their flavor for about one year.


The Ajwain or Carom Powder has strong, dominant, and distinctive taste and flavor. Due to this exotic fragrance, these seeds are large to the all-vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine throughout the world.  These seeds are used for making pickles, tempering dishes, bread, meat, vegetables, snack and lentils, soups, stock, and stew.

Health Benefits:

There are many Health’s Benefits mentioned below,

  • Improve Indigestion
  • Cure Constipation
  • Cure Kidney Disorder
  • Fight Asthma
  • Improve Liver Function
  • Improve Kidney Function
  • Cure Arthritis
  • Prevent heart problems
  • Fight Diabetes
  • Improve Eye Sight
  • Prevent Cancer
  • Boost Immune System
  • Cure for Oral Disease
  • Fight Infection
  • Cure Joint Problem
  • Fight Allergies
  • Control Weight
  • Cure Migraine

Nutritional Value of Carom Powder:

Nutritional Value of Carom powder contains per 100gms is mentioned below:

Energy                               323 kcal

Carbohydrates                    61 g

Fiber         34 g

Fat                                      20 g

Protein                                6 g


Thiamin                             0.0 mg

Riboflavin                         1.16 mg

Niacin                                0 mg

Vitamin B6                        0 mg


Calcium                             646 mg

Iron                                    8.7 mg

Magnesium                        0 mg

Manganese                         0 mg

Phosphorus                         0 mg

Potassium                           1102 mg

Sodium                               243 mg

Zinc                                    0 mg

Copper                                0 mg



Shape: Powder

Color: Pale Brown

Taste:  Bitter and Pungent

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