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Coriander seed is a dried seed, derived from an annual herb Coriander, also known as Cilantro or Chinese parsley, belongs to the family Apiaceae. All parts of the plants are edible, but the leaves and dried seeds are mostly used in cuisines worldwide. It is native from the Southern Europe and North Africa to Southwestern Asia. The Major producers of coriander are India, Canada, Morocco, Pakistan, Bulgaria, and Romania.


Coriander seeds are plump and brown in color, have a hollow cavity which bears essential oil that lend to the flavor of the dishes when used in cooking. They are harvested when the plants are brown and its leaves start to dry and fall.  They have a mild citrus smell and flavor, which is very different from the strong taste of the roots, stem, and leaves of the plants.


Coriander can be stored in an airtight container away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Then, they will remain their flavor for about one year.


The Coriander seeds are an essential ingredients in every cuisine of world.They are used as an ingredient to add earthy flavor in Stews, Soups, Curries, Pickles, Sauces, and Stir fries. They are also used garnish meat, fish, or vegetables dishes. They are used in homemade bread, waffles, cakes, and bakeries. They also used in Creamed cheese or Mayonnaise.

Health Benefits:

There are many Health’s Benefits mentioned below,

  • Cure Skin disorder
  • Promotes Digestion
  • Maintain Cholesterol level
  • Treat Diarrhea
  • Regulate Blood Pressure
  • Prevent Anemia
  • Treat Mouth Ulcer
  • Anti–Allergic
  • Anti0 Microbial
  • Improve Oral care
  • Boost Immunity
  • Improve Vision
  • Protect Liver
  • Cures Smallpox

Nutritional Value of Coriander Seed:

Nutritional Value of Coriander Seed contain per 100gms is mentioned below:

Energy                                 23 kcal

Carbohydrates                   3.7 g

Fiber         2.8 g

Fat                                        0.5 g

Protein                                2.1 g


Vitamin A                           6748 IU

Vitamin C                           27 mg

Vitamin E                           2.5 mg

Vitamin K                           310 mcg

Thiamin                              0.1 mg

Riboflavin                           0.2 mg

Niacin                                  1.1 mg

Vitamin B6                         0.1 mg

Folate                                  62 mcg

Choline                               12.8 mg


Calcium                                67 mg

Iron                                       1.8 mg

Magnesium                         26 mg

Manganese                         0.4 mg

Phosphorus                        48 mg

Potassium                          521 mg

Sodium                               46 mg

Zinc                                     0.5 mg

Copper                                0.2 mg

Selenium                            0.9 mcg


Shape:  Oval

Size:  3-5 mm

Color: Yellowish brown

Taste:  Citrusy and Nutty

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