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Green Grams

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The Green Grams, alternatively known as the moong bean, green gram, or mung, is a plant species in the legume family. The Green Grams is mainly cultivated in Pakistan, India, China, Korea, and Southeast Asia.


The Green Grams is a small, round olive green bean with a sweet flavor and soft texture. These are commonly used in South Asian cuisine. They are yellow in color once the skins are removed. It is a healthy, low-fat, high fiber source of protein. It also helps you reach your vegetables and protein requirements, as its nutrient benefits allow it to fit in both categories. The overall health benefits of the finished green gram dish depend largely on the other ingredients used.


They can be stored indefinitely if kept away from light and kept in airtight containers.


The Green Grams mostly consumed as a main dish though sometimes it is also used to make sweet dishes. It either is cooked like a dish by boiling and adding spices, or can be made into a paste. Green Grams Also used as sprouts are consumed directly with lemon and salt or added to a salad.  The Green Grams is also used to make a certain kind of dessert like Ice Cream.

Nutritional Value of Green Grams:

Nutritional Value of Green Grams contains per 100 Gms is mentioned below:

Calories                                347

Total Fat                               1.2 g

Saturated fat                        0.3 g

Polyunsaturated fat            0.4 g

Monounsaturated fat         0.2 g

Cholesterol                          0 mg

Sodium                                15 mg

Potassium                            1,246 mg

Total Carbohydrate            63 g

Dietary fiber                        16 g

Sugar                                     7 g

Protein                                  24 g

Vitamin A             2%          Vitamin C             8%

Calcium               13%        Iron                     37%

Vitamin D            0%          Vitamin B-6         20%

Vitamin B-12       0%          Magnesium         47%


Shape: Oval

Size:  Small

Color: Olive Green

Flavor: Sweet and Mild

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