Ajit International is an established and reputed Exporter and Wholesaler of Indian Spices, Oil Seeds, Basmati Rice , Pulses, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables etc from India .

We add the value of our services to a large range of items including Indian foodstuffs, Groceries and Organic Spices etc. We have been exporting these quality products for a number of years and have in-depth knowledge commensurate with our area of operation. Our specialization lies in deliver the best quality Indian spices and grocery items which maintain the international standard to our valued customer either it is a Full container loads or Standard loads..

Since our inception, the endeavors of the company have been focused on providing the finest quality spices and all foodstuffs worldwide at highly competitive prices and strict adherence to delivery schedule.

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We ensure premium quality merchandise
We guarantee the most competitive prices
We deal in bulk quantity..



We set the benchmark for quality and productivity in the spices business. Indian Spices , being a claim to fame, we can give entire, ground and natural flavors alongside an extensive variety of oil seeds, curry powder, rice, pulse,sesame seeds,fresh fruits,fresh vegetables and numerous more taste shivering assortments in Indian flavors. We are additionally the exporters of Indian masala conveying standard quality and fragrance..

Ajit International have confidence in legit and straightforward vision in business. We generally attempt to serve our client better. Quality and auspicious shipment is our claim to fame. With our effective and opportune administrations, we are rising out as the most tried and true business accomplices.


Irradiation of products to conform to microbiological specifications.
Roasting & Blending of spices to enhance flavour
Heat Drying Treatment in spices to reduce moisture and contamination of spices.
Mechanized Cleaning and sorting of spices to ensure purity.