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Anardana Whole

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Anardana ( Pomegranate Seeds)

Pomegranate seeds are rich in bioactive substances – potassium, calcium and iron, and the oil contained in its seeds we have has rarely found in nature, highly concentrated acid punikowy. It includes the omega 5, which also destroy free radicals and enhance the protective properties of the skin.

Spice Description:

Anardana refers to the dried seeds of the pomegranate organic product. An assortment of wild pomegranate called daru, which develops in the southern Himalayas, is presumed to yield the best anardana(Pomegranate Seeds).

Bits of pomegranate pulp stay on the seeds as they dry, so the somewhat sticky seeds with a fruity, somewhat sweet and tangy taste are utilized as a souring agent in cooking. They are utilized for the most part in vegetable and vegetable dishes and in addition a couple Moghlai dishes. Broiled and ground anardana(Pomegranate Seeds) replaces lime juice in the cooking styles of areas where new lime in not accessible in specific seasons.


Anardana(Pomegranate Seeds) is accessible in entire dried and powdered shape. In the event that put away in a firmly fixed compartment, ideally in the cooler, it goes on for up to a year. Entire dried seeds last longer than the powder.

Cooking With Pomegranate Seeds:

Pomegranate seeds are utilized as a souring specialist in Indian cooking, in a way like tamarind, kokum and amchur.With their sweetish sharp flavor, they are a brilliant expansion to vegetable and vegetable dishes like vegetable and vegetable dishes. Dried pomegranate seeds are likewise utilized as a part of Iranian cooking.It is an intriguing contrasting option to raisins in cakes and other European sweets. Strikingly, pomegranate seeds likewise have addictive qualities (like the properties of a lemon squeeze) and can likewise be utilized as a thickening specialist. It might be utilized as a part of sharp chutneys or as a sprinkling over servings of mixed greens. In the Middle East, it is utilized frequently to topping dishes, for example, hummus, plates of mixed greens and tahini.

Nutritional Value of Pomegrante Seed:

Pomegrante Seed contains per 100 grams:

⦁ Copper (30.56%)

⦁ Carbohydrate (25.03%)

⦁ Vitamin K (23.75%)

⦁ Vitamin C (19.67%)

⦁ Total dietary Fiber (18.42%)

Seed Properties:

Size: Small

Color: Pale red to red to purple or brownish

Taste: Sweet taste

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